How to Clean a Wool Carpet

How to Clean a Wool Carpet
How to Clean a Wool Carpet

Your wool carpet is a focal point you should be proud of. A wool area rug is an investment that can last for many years. Wool area rugs are known for being durable and beautiful. To keep your wool area rug looking its best for as long as possible, you’ll want to take proper care of it.

Regular Maintenance is Important

Wool rugs are known for being particularly durable, with strong fibers that tend to repel water and stains. Intended for high-traffic areas, wool area rugs can take the form of wall-to-wall carpet or carpet runners. Clean it with a vacuum 2-4 times a month the way you would any other rug.

Wool rugs do shed their fibers over time. This is perfectly normal and is not an indication of poor quality or craftsmanship. A brand new rug will shed the most fibers and will gradually decrease shedding over time.

Keep Your Wool Rug Beautiful for Years to Come

Besides regular vacuuming, knowing how to clean a wool area rug is part of the battle. Follow these rules to keep your rug looking beautiful.

If your wool rug does pick up any stains, it’s important to clean them right away, so that the stain does not settle deep within the fibers of the carpet. Wool is noted for being more stain resistant, but it can be nearly impossible to remove a stain once it has had time to set. This is where you will want to know how to spot clean your wool rug. Use a high-quality stain remover as soon as you notice the stain. Afterward, thoroughly dry the spot.

Do not saturate your wool carpet. Wool carpeting is made of fibers that provide great insulation. This also makes a wool carpet quite difficult to dry. Saturating a wool carpet will trap moisture within the fibers for weeks, which will cause a damp smell. For small stains, it is better to spot clean.

Do not clean your wool area rug with hot water. The fibers in wool do not react well to hot water and will begin to shrink. Always use water cooler than 150 degrees Fahrenheit when cleaning wool.

Do not use harsh cleaners on your rug. Because wool fibers are highly sensitive, they will be damaged by abrasive cleaning chemicals. When choosing a carpet cleaner, stay away from any that contain bleach or brighteners.

If your wool rug does pick up excessive stains, or a stubborn stain that will not go away, you may need to consult a professional carpet cleaner to assess whether or not the stain can be removed. Excessive staining can ruin a rug, particularly one with delicate wool fibers.

Use this guide to properly maintain your wool area rug or carpet runner and ensure your rug stays damage free for years to come.

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