Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which rug pad is best for a hardwood floor?

    The most common material used for a rug pad is rubber and felt. While there are plenty of blends available, the best option is a non-stick pad, especially for areas with a lot of foot traffic. Avoid cheap plastic rug pads with adhesive chemical additives that stain and strip hardwood floors. The most common additive to stay away from are phthalates.

  2. What size rug pad is right for me?

    The rug pad should extend to the edge of your rug, excluding any tassels or anything included on the end. You can simply use a measuring tape to gather the length and width of your carpet.

  3. Can I ship internationally and is it included in the price?

    Giant Rugs offers free shipping on all area rugs in the continental United States. We try to package and get your order shipped the same business day. For Alaska, Hawaii, and International shipping rates, please Contact Us as rates may vary over time.

  4. Can non-slip rug pads be washed?

    Depending on the product, it might be washable but it’s never advisable. Instead, if you find your rug pad to be stained or dirt, you can wash your rug pads with a quart of room temperature what, half a cup of white vinegar, and a drop of dish soap. Be sure to allow the product to dry before replacement.

  5. How often should I vacuum my carpet/rug?

    Most people recommend vacuuming your carpet or rugs at least once a week to stay ahead of dirt and germs. If your carpets get more foot traffic, such as after a gathering, you may want to squeeze an extra vacuuming in. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as over vacuuming your carpets or rugs. Just make sure your vacuum has a seal of approval and that you don’t vacuum on a bare floor mode.

  6. How are custom rugs priced?

    Giant Rugs prices it's custom rugs depending on their quality of design, construction, and material. Generally, our custom rugs should not exceed your budget and could be the perfect addition to any interior design you choose.

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