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Choosing an Area Rug

How to Choose an Area Rug

Area rugs are great for so many reasons. Not only are they a great way to enhance a room, they also provide a grounding aspect. By this, we mean, when a rug is placed properly, it helps to anchor the furniture in the room. This creates a homey, cozy feel.

Throw rugs also add a degree of warmth-- most people would rather step on a rug than a bare floor. This means the kids can play or sit on the rug and be comfortable. Area rugs protect your floors as well, reducing the wear and tear that pets and everyday life have on your surfaces.

Do you stand a lot at home? Putting down a throw rug helps to reduce fatigue on your back and knees since you’re standing on a padded surface. That padding makes housework or standing in general more supportive of your body.

How to Pick an Area Rug

If you’re ready to purchase an area rug, learn the art of choosing an area rug, and find the right one for any space. Are you not sure how to choose an area rug color? You’ll want to pick an area rug that is stylish, as well as functional. The style of rug you choose can impact the entire feel of your room.

Choosing a rug is a big decision, and finding the right area rug for your living room (or any other area of your home) can leave you feeling frustrated. You’ll want something designed to last that matches your decor, and that just feels right for whichever space it’s being used for.

The first and most critical consideration when selecting an area rug is of course quality. A high-quality rug will look better and wear more evenly over time. Look for good quality natural materials such as wool and silk. A high-quality wool rug will wear well and even look better over time. Wool has the capacity to develop its own patina through exposure to light and air and feet walking on it.

If the room is neutral and uses solid colors, a patterned rug can add some personality. If your room is more colorful, however, a plain rug would be ideal. Don’t just buy a rug because it’s cheap or a certain size. If you don’t love it, and it doesn’t match the room, don’t be afraid to pass. It doesn’t hurt to go traditional, either.

If you look through books and websites that feature pictures of mid-century modern living rooms, you will find a good number of them that are furnished with classic antique and vintage oriental and Persian rugs. These designs have persisted because they are so versatile. A classically designed rug will always work in your home, no matter what style you are into this year and in years to come. Before you spend a penny on accessories or furnishings, invest a bit of time in research, and seek out photos of the many expressions of mid-century modern style. You’ll be surprised by how fresh living rooms from decades ago look today.

Transitional Area RugIf you’d like a rug that makes a little bit of a statement, without getting too wacky, a transition rug is a good choice. Transition rugs combine traditional oriental rugs designs with more contemporary colors, resulting in an eclectic design that feels a bit more modern. Sometimes a complementary look that brings in eclectic influences is just the accent you need to complete your living space.

As with any room, you will likely want to avoid having too many colors. Use the 60-30-10 rule, in which the room colors should be 60% dominant base color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color. Avoid picking more than 3 to 4 colors, especially with modern-style living rooms, which are meant to be calming and easy on the eye, rather than frenetic. Your rug will be one of the largest elements in your room.

Whether you choose the rug first and let that drive your color choices or buy your other furnishings first and choose the rug last, make sure that you give careful consideration to the overall palette and combination of colors. Choosing the right area rug color makes all the difference in the flow of the room.

Pay attention to the design of the room before you place your rug. You’ll want to be mindful of the size and shape of your area rug. You can design virtually any layout, choosing to keep all furniture legs on the rug, or just front legs. Maybe you’d prefer to leave the furniture off the rug and just put the coffee table on it instead. You can create a round, open layout, with the carpet in the center, or place runners on the sides of the room. The layout you choose will affect the type of area rug you go with.

To coordinate gracefully, make sure that a secondary color in the rug matches key furniture pieces, such as a sofa. In modern-style living rooms, where clean lines are de rigueur, the rug may be a neutral backdrop to dramatic furnishings or it may be the star while the modern-style furnishings are more neutral. Finally, always get a rug pad, to ensure that your rug stays where you put it.

Area rugs come in a number of shapes and sizes. Choose rectangular rugs, round ones, or runners, and select your ideal material. You know best what your tastes are and we know you’ll choose the right rug for your space. At Giant Rugs, you’ll never have to settle for ordinary. Your rug should be unique, as unique as your tastes. When you’re ready to make your purchase, don’t go with the safe choice--go out on a limb and find an area rug that really speaks to your heart. You won’t regret it.

Find the right size, shape, and color. Don’t forget to pay attention to your other needs as well, like budget, traffic of the room and the like. The perfect area rug awaits here at Giant Rugs.