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Benefits of Wool

Wool Carpet Pros and Cons

There is a lot that goes into choosing the right carpet for your home. There is a lot to consider when selecting the proper flooring options, things that extend beyond price. It’s important to educate yourself about different carpet materials, styles, and quality so you can make the right decision for your needs.

Choosing the Right Type of Carpet

If you’re on the hunt for new rugs for your home, you need to make a few considerations. First things first--choose your budget. Your budget will determine the type of carpeting you’ll get. After you have a budget in place, start comparing materials.

Find the right carpet fiber to best match your needs. Looking for something more durable for your high traffic area? Nylon may be the right choice for you. Nylon carpeting is highly durable, ideal for areas that receive high traffic like entryways. You’ll find it resilient and easy to maintain. Homes with kids/pets will benefit from nylon carpet fibers. This is an affordable flooring option to help you stay within your budget.

Polyester is an excellent flooring choice, stain resistant and very soft. It is harder to clean, however, and better suited for areas that receive lower traffic such as bedrooms. Polyester is an extremely cost-effective option.

Olefin is an attractive, durable fiber that resists fading. This inexpensive carpet choice resists stains and mildew. It is best suited for high-traffic “clean” areas like your child’s playroom.

If none of these options are what you’re looking for, wool carpet might be for you. Often times we get asked from customers from all over: “What are the benefits of wool?”

Advantages of Wool Carpet

Wool carpet is a natural, environmentally-friendly rug option for every room in your home. Wool possesses an elasticity that other carpet materials simply do not have, and can withstand crushing. The fibers can’t be crushed down by foot traffic or heavy furniture like what happens with other materials. This means that wool carpet will remain springy and soft, and can withstand decades of wear.

Another advantage of wool carpeting is color retention. If you’re wondering if wool carpet will fade in sunlight, the answer is no. Wool fibers hold color extremely well and retain that color intensity for years to come.

Need carpet that cleans easily? Wool again holds the advantage. Wool fibers have a natural, water-resistant coating. This is part of the reason why sheep stay dry outside, even during the heaviest rainstorms! Wool is remarkably stain resistant, making it an ideal choice for households with children or animals.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, wool is naturally flame-resistant. This makes it an attractive safety option for crowded public facilities who use it for its flame-resistance.

At Giant Rugs, we offer a large selection of Karastan persian rugs, constructed from the finest New Zealand wool. These eye-catching wool rugs will be the perfect focal point to tie your entire room together. Your investment in one wool rug will be one that lasts for many years and one you will feel good about.

New Zealand wool is the finest and most luxurious wool. It is the purest, whitest wool in the world, offering excellent dyeing characteristics that create long-lasting colors. It is raised with little impact on the natural landscape as well as it being a renewable and biodegradable fiber that is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly products. It is produced on land, mostly unsuitable for other agricultural purposes and does not compete with food production. No internationally banned pesticides are used on New Zealand farms, making New Zealand’s sheep industry one of the world’s greenest animal production systems. New Zealand wool is a superb natural product derived in an environmentally responsible way through sustainable land use!

Some Caveats

You should know, however, that while wool carpeting is durable and holds its color, it is a more expensive alternative, often costing double what polyester or nylon carpeting does. However, it is highly durable and will last far longer than other carpets, making it an economical option in the long-run.

Wool can resist water-based stains but will not be as resistant to oil or grease based spills. These may result in permanent staining.

Due to its natural fibers, wool is an attractive food source for various types of insects, including moths and carpet beetles. To stave off insect damage, wool rugs and carpeting are often frequently treated with a mild insecticide called Permethrin. This may be a turnoff for those who prefer to live chemical-free, although exposure through carpeting poses no health risks, according to the World Health Organization.

The benefits of putting down wool carpeting far exceed any disadvantages. Wool offers durability, holds color well and provides exceptional water and stain resistance. Your money will be well spent when you invest in a high-quality wool rug for any room in your home or apartment.

If you’re considering outfitting your home with new carpet, choose wool carpeting from Giant Rugs. You’ll be glad you did.